Sunday, August 8, 2010

Religious Freedom: So Often A One Way Street

In reading through an account of the original group of settlers that came to Pella, Iowa, under the leadership of H. P. Scholte in 1847, I was struck by the description of the people who were admitted into membership of this group. (Keep in mind that many of these people were leaving Holland because of religious persecution.)

"No profane, immoral or intemperate person, nor any avowed atheist, skeptic or Roman Catholic could become a member of the colony...." [Italics added.]

It continually amazes me how religious freedom so often seems to be thought of as "MY" right to worship how I want to AND to force "you" to believe the same way "I" do. Somehow I don't think that the framers of the Constitution would agree with that way of looking at it.

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